Automation has become the need of the hour. The bigger a company gets, the more queries it has to solve and the more support it has to provide. When there are more variables involved, the higher are the chances of confusion and mistakes taking place. Imagine the frustration of receiving a call of a person’s loan not being sanctioned when your area of expertise is risk management. On the other hand, imagine waiting for an employee to answer your call for around 10 minutes and then realizing that you have been routed to the wrong employee.

94% of customers going through an effortless experience are likely to repurchase vs. only 4% of those who went through a high level of effort.  – Gartner, 2018

IVR Software for call center

What is IVR software?

You must have heard a pleasant voice prompting you to press one or two to get a certain update or resolve a certain issue. It guides you to the right person or the right source of information and your query is eventually resolved. This technology helps your customers have a seamless experience by finding their way in an ocean of information. Most of us do not realize the potential of having an IVR system for a call center. This blog will help you realize the part that IVR software plays to enhance the customer experience.

Avoid customer frustration:

Customers don’t like it when they have to ask the same questions again and again. No one does. If your customer support cannot efficiently handle the queries of your customers, your customer retention rate will decrease. Your customers will opt for a more convenient service.

IVR service providers in India

Increase First Contact Resolution:

First call resolution means properly addressing the customer’s requirement, the first time they call, thereby eliminating the need for the customer to follow up with a second call. IVR solutions routes call to the right agent and thereby increases first contact resolution (FCR). Your customer satisfaction will be soaring if you get their queries solved in the first contact.

Save the time of your employees:

Time is money. Every second that your employee spends on a task that he doesn’t need to do, will directly or indirectly cost you money. When a call is wrongly routed the amount of time taken to resolve a query considerably increases. With the help of an IVR software, call routing is significantly simplified.

There are many IVR service providers in India but a contact center solution such as has a special feature in which you can record a certain message and then play it again during a conversation. This works especially well when you have to repeat a certain sales pitch to a potential client. Repeating the same pitch over and over again can wear an employee down and can compromise the quality of the conversation that they have with the customers.


IVR system for a call center

Feedback is necessary for growth and development. If employees don’t receive feedback, they will never know where the issue lies for their lack of productivity. IVR software collects immediate reactions and top-of-mind customer feedback. The feedback received will help them recognize ways in which they can improve and help resolve customer issues quicker.

IVR software makes things easy. Customer experience and customer satisfaction are all about ease. Lesser the frustration higher will be your rate of customer retention.