Much has been said about the rapid pace of technology, moving forward exponentially every year. But this accelerated pace may well be a double-edged sword as with each new development it renders many existing technologies redundant and archaic. Let’s observe the trend of smartphone for an example. Ever since 2004 when smartphones entered the larger consumer market, landlines phones have gradually become obsolete.

Let’s have another example here now. How long has it been since anybody can remember seeing let along using a Landline Calling booth?

We can hardly see one nowadays, it’s like they are going extinct – an endangered species of technology!

Customer Experience Management SystemThe same instance of technology & its influence on real-world market trends also does affect Contact Centers or Call Centers. A recent study by Statista suggests that 4.93 Billion people now use their smartphones as their sole means of communication.

In this article, we shall discuss how businesses need to engage those 4.93 Billion people or “Mobile Customers” & use the continuous march of technological advancement to their advantage.

Technology has advanced so drastically in the last decade itself, that phones are no longer just phones. Technology itself has enabled the miniaturization of several other technologies, such as cameras, sensors, GPS, and the list goes on and on…to be compactly arranged in small yet powerful devices we now call smartphones.

Apart from just being a phone, it is nothing short of an Internet-enabled mini-supercomputer!
And its resulting impact on mobile users – widespread & substantial.

Integrating so many novel technologies in a compact & mobile device has granted its users the ability to communicate not only through Voice Calls but also through modern mediums such as SMS, Chat, Social Media, Video Calls, etc.

But how does this concern the Customer service or Contact center industry?

Let’s not forget the obvious! Telephony is still the primary mode of communication all over the world. But with the number of mobile users growing each day, chances to engage & communicate with “mobile customers”, potential & otherwise, has also drastically increased.

On the other hand, as the number of mobile users continues increasing worldwide, more & more people are becoming accustomed to its vast yet quick communication capabilities. The “mobile customer” has thus become somewhat impatient. People now expect communications to be quicker & more fulfilling.

The Industry need of today is for a Multi-Channel Contact Center Software, which can provide seamless telephony functions & integrate with several other CRMs & databases/systems.

To keep pace with “mobile users”, contact centers need specialized business communication solutions which allow effective & consistent customer interaction through Voice Calls, SMS, Chat, Social Media, Video Calls, etc. Moreover, they need a contact center platform which helps them implement & monitor multiple dynamic business processes, all from a single place. A modern Contact Center Platform, which can enable call center agents to be available on all channels of communication including digital ones & equipped enough to interact with their customers in real-time. Furthermore, Call Centers nowadays also need to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Our Multi-Channel Contact Center Solution enables businesses to merge its telephony channels with modern digital channels. Implement, monitor & optimize your call center operations & provide delightful & friction-free Customer experience to their customers across all channels & devices with