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Boost Agent Productivity With Proactive Customer Engagement!

Equipped with’s outbound call center Solution, businesses can optimize their outbound operations for maximum efficiency. With many top-notch Outbound telephony functions such as preview, progressive, pro-active & predictive dialing, businesses can effectively engage with their prospective customers & retain them with impeccable Customer Experience.

Furthermore, can also seamlessly manage both Outbound & Inbound telephony functions for projects requiring Blended Call Center Solutions.

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Advanced Automated Dialers

Improve your business call center performance with our plethora of automated dialers. Get access to progressive/power, preview & predictive dialer software to streamline your outbound processes.

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Call Management

Customize & implement complex call management protocols. Get access to numerous sub-features such as Call forwarding, Blind transfer, Caller ID, set campaign priority, auto-prioritize agent campaign & much more.

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Answering Machine Detection

Our Outbound calling software can intelligently detect answering machines and avoid connecting agents on such instances to improve dialing efficiency.

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WebRTC Based Telephony

Access all telephony functions using any WebRTC compatible web browser. No need to install and operate a separate softphone.

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Industry Standard Compliance

Our Outbound call center solution strictly adheres to all industry standards along with PCI Data Security Standards.

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Complex Disposition Labelling

Agents can add labels, notes & other useful information after ending each customer interaction. This feature helps add more information regarding a customer’s previous interactions, deliver deeper analytical insights & can also be used as triggers for other automated features.

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Automated Broadcast

With this feature, businesses can send out pre-recorded voice messages, important alerts, promotions, updates & notifications to multiple contact numbers, simultaneously.

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Automated Greetings & Messages

Agents can use this feature to record custom greetings & messages to better engage the customers & improve the overall experience.

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Time Zones & DNC List Manager

This feature automatically adjusts outbound operations according to the associated time-zone of specific campaigns. It also helps improve operational efficiency by avoiding numbers included in DNC lists.

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CTI Screen Pop-ups

With this feature, agents will get customer information pop-up prior to a call for better & informed engagement. They can also customize customer data (CRM) during live interactions for quicker issue resolution for future conversations.

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Dynamic Campaign Management

Implement & manage multiple outbound campaigns simultaneously and get real-time information to further optimize your campaigns on the go.

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Real-time Performance Monitoring & Management

This feature provides businesses with advanced reporting metrics and an easy-to-use administration interface. Additionally, businesses can also optimize quality and ensure compliance using tools such as Call Barge In, and many more.

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Customer Experience Management

Configuration Manager

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Internal Chat Client

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CRM Integration

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Unified Dashboard

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Agent Time Management

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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

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Advanced IVR

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Omni-Channel Virtual Queueing

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Engage & Convert Leads With Greater Efficiency

Empower your agents with a 360-degree view of the customer & their inquiry. Improve productivity & guide agents handle complex interactions all from a single page. With’s dynamic Outbound Call Management functions businesses can ensure increased first call resolutions for improved customer satisfaction and much.

  • Reduced average handling time
  • Quicker response, delivery & resolution time
  • Reduces Agent training time
  • Quality & compliance management
  • Campaign & workforce management

What Our Clients Have To Say

  • “We will definitely continue to use their services. Looking forward to many future projects with Agami Tech, it is no doubt a very recommendable product.”
  • “It really saves me a lot of time & effort. is exactly what our business was lacking. In fact, we realized many more improvement opportunities soon after we started using their product & we couldn't be happier.”
  • “Excellent company. Delivered exactly what we wanted plus more. Very professional, responsive & experts at their game. The company completed the entire deliverable, on time & provided us with a great solution.”
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